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Your Strategic Partner in Franchises

At Franchise Systems Colombia, in alliance with Club Franquicia Colombia, we give you access to a diverse selection of national and international franchises. Our team of experts is dedicated to offering you comprehensive advice on franchise selection and management, ensuring your success and growth in the exciting world of franchising.

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Innovation and Human Excellence in Outsourcing (ia)

We combine our leading expertise in artificial intelligence with an exceptional focus on developing and managing human talent to deliver cutting-edge BPO services. Our INBOUND, OUTBOUND, BACKOFFICE services and special campaigns are the result of the fusion between the most advanced AI technology and an expert and dedicated human team.


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  • Kapital: "We collaborate with Kapital to offer you innovative financial solutions, helping you optimize your operations and accelerate the growth of your company."

  • Payana: "Through our alliance with Payana, we simplify your payment management, offering an efficient platform adaptable to the needs of your SME."

  • HiBot: "With HiBot, we transform your customer service, centralizing and automating conversations across multiple channels to improve efficiency and sales."

  • HubSpot: "Our partnership with HubSpot allows us to integrate advanced CRM solutions to connect your marketing, sales and customer service teams, thus driving sustainable growth of your business."

Everything you need, in one place.

Franchises and Investment Opportunities.

Explore a world of national and international franchises and investment opportunities with the support of Franchise Systems Colombia (FSC) and Club Franquicia Colombia. Get expert advice and comprehensive support to successfully navigate the exciting franchise market.

Operations and Outsourcing.

We offer advanced BPO type outsourcing services. We also specialize in the efficient operation of retail businesses, both physical and digital, for investors, franchisees, business owners and entrepreneurs. Discover how our technological integration and expert human talent management can take your operations and business projects to the next level.

Specialized Marketing.

We offer specialized marketing strategies and services. This would include advanced marketing approaches and techniques, strategic collaborations for promotion and advertising, and the use of technological tools and platforms such as HubSpot to improve the visibility and reach of brands and franchises.

Rapidly expanding franchises

Guinot Colombia


Transforming beauty and skincare with innovation and excellence, a franchise that redefines the standard of aesthetics and well-being.

Franquicia Fruttec


Taste freshness and innovation in every bite, a franchise that combines health, flavor and success in the vibrant world of healthy eating.


Duck Donuts

Where each donut becomes a unique experience, a franchise that mixes creativity, flavor, and freshness in each delicious creation.



Redefining the modern workspace with agile and flexible solutions, a franchise that leads the revolution in adaptive offices and commercial spaces.

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